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Excellent Rebuilt Parts for Your Transmission
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Make Precision Torque Converters of Maryland your only source for high-quality rebuilt transmission parts. From clutch kits and torque converters to transmission rebuild kits, we offer what you need to handle any and all transmission problems at your shop! Contact us today for more details on our factory-quality transmission parts.

Heavy-Duty, Rebuilt
Torque Converters

 → Improved on from Stock Models
 → High Performance for Racing Applications
 → Fit All Cars, Trucks, & Industrial Equipment
 → New Hubs, Bearings, & Clutch Lining
 → All Thoroughly Cleaned & Laser Balanced

Transmission Rebuild Kits
 → Overhaul, Banner, & Master Kits
Clutch Kits
 → All OEM New Factory Parts
 → Heavy Duty, High Performance
 → New Fly Wheels 
 → No Core Required



Purchase unmatched clutch kits and other aftermarket parts from our company in Baltimore, Maryland.